Wilkes University


Security Notification From Wilkes ITS

 A new virus is showing up on campus.  It is a variant of ransomware called "Locky" that will encrypt the files on your machine.  The most common way it arrives is as an email attachment on an email that looks like random text.  The email may start with a line asking you to "enable macros."  If you receive an email like this, please delete it immediately.  If you open the attachment, it will run on your machine and encrypt your files beyond recovery.

 As with many similar viruses, please be very cautious about emails that sound suspicious, are from unknown users, or contain unsolicited attachments.  If you are ever uncertain about an email from a Wilkes user, call them before you open the attachment.  There are cases where Wilkes email addresses have been "spoofed" (faked) to make it appear that you are getting an email from a known individual.

 Please contact the Wilkes Help Desk (x4357) if you have any questions or believe your computer may have become infected with a virus.

 Wilkes ITS Department