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Faculty Kudos-Vijay K. Arora

Professor Vijay K. Arora, Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, mentored international Ph. D. students and junior faculty that resulted in their research being published in Measurement.  The journal Measurement is listed as Tier 2 (Quartile 2) in the category of Engineering Multidisciplinary and Instruments and Instrumentation by Web of Science and Web of Knowledge  that assesses the impact of the published research.   The co-authors Electrical Engineering students are Elnaz Akbari and Michael L. P. Tan, former getting Ph. D. from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and latter from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.  Dr. Tan is now Senior Lecturer at the UTM.  Other co-author is Dr. ZahraSotoudehnia of  Chemistry Department of  Islamic Azad University in Iran.  The title of the article is “Analytical Assessment of Carbon Allotropes for Gas Sensor Applications,” with abstract: “Feasibility of a gas sensor with NH3 as a prototype using carbon allotropes (graphene and CNT) is demonstrated, with graphene displaying superior sensitivity and conductance.   Such devices are expected to be considerably smaller and faster than the ones used in the present technology. Salient features of current-voltage characteristics of charge transfer as NH­3 reacts with carbon atoms and transfer charge is demonstrated. A mathematical model is proposed for change in conductance of the CNT/graphene channel resulting from the chemical reaction between the gas and channel surface molecules. An analytical understanding of the FET-based gas detection mechanism and the corresponding current-voltage (I-V) characteristics is acquired. The CNT model shows a satisfactory agreement with the experimental data on nanotube-based NH3 gas detection. The results of the graphene-based gas sensor model are compared to those from the CNT model. It is shown that for similar ambient conditions, the graphene gas sensor exhibits superior conduction as compared to its CNT counterpart due to higher exposed surface of graphene.”
Professor Arora has been a Distinguished  Visiting Professor at the UTM and is invited by the IEEE-EDS worldwide chapters to give distinguished lectures and mentor students under the IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lectures Program.  Recently, he gave distinguished lectures and short courses in IEEE-EDS chapters in Delhi and Hyderabad.    His recorded lectures on Nanoelectronics are now available on Wilkes Media Space (Nanoelectronics Lecture Media Space) and benefit the electrical engineering, physics, and chemistry community worldwide.  In addition, Professor Arora has been giving public lectures on Social and Behavioral Engineering and on outcome-based-education (OBE) that resulted in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka being admitted into Washington Accord (washingtonaccord.org) as full signatory members based on the Bucknell Assessment Plan.  Professor Arora was trained at Bucknell University on how to do system-wide assessment throughout the hierarchy of a university that he advises other international universities to follow.