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2016-17 Academic Department Data Binder Available

Either of the methods below may be used to access the 2016-17 Academic Department Data Binder, compiled by the Institutional Research Office.

Access via portal: 

Direct Link:  2016-17 Academic Department Data Binder

Navigation (how to find through portal):

  • Log in at www.mywilkes.wilkes.edu
  • Click on ‘Administrative’ tab
  • Go to Institutional Research Channel (Bottom left, under Human Resources)
  • Click on 2016-17 Academic Department Data Binder link

Access via staff shares:

  • If using Windows, Click: \\wu-fs-win01.wilkesu.wilkes.edu\staffshares
  • If using Mac:  Click ‘Go’ on main screen and then ‘Connect to Server’; Look for ‘staff shares
  • Once you get to the staff shares drive, click on the ‘Institutional Research’ folder, then ‘Academic Department Data Books’ folder. 

In both locations, you will find an archive of current binders and those from the (relatively) recent past.

About the “Binder”

Much of the data included in the “binder” reflects enrollment counts of students at the institution’s fall census date (end of 6th week of classes).  Other statistics, such as credit hours produced, or degrees conferred, are for the full year.  Data profiles are compiled from the statistics included in the Data Binder, for reference during the academic program review process. 

While the statistics in the “binder” are among the most commonly requested, they are by no means the only statistics analyzed or tracked.  If you have a data need, particularly if it is related to an assessment or improvement-related initiative, please feel free to contact IR staff to see if we have statistics that may help. 

Please also note the IR Office’s other annual “data publication”, the 2016-17 Fact Book , released in November.