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Limited Windows 10 Deployment for the Fall Semester

Because of changes to Apple’s Boot Camp software on our latest shipment of iMacs, we are no longer able to install Windows 7.   Instead, we will be installing Windows 10 on a number of new dual-boot Apple computers for this year’s lifecycle.  (Please note that this does not affect new Dell computers that will remain with Windows 7.) The computers affected are listed below:
Faculty/Staff Deployments: Since dual-boot computers primarily exist in labs and classrooms, this does not affect personal desktop deployments for this fiscal year unless you have made a special request for a dual-boot Mac.
Computer Labs: The only labs affected this year are Breiseth 108, the BI Room in the library, and the Evans dorm lab.
Classroom Computers: Unfortunately, the majority of our classroom iMacs are up for deployment this year.  This means that any classroom with an iMac in SLC, Breiseth, Darte, Kirby, UCOM, or Marts (approximately 50 rooms) will have a new dual-boot iMac running Windows 10 in place for the fall semester.  We considered leaving some or all of these classrooms unchanged, but many of these machines are slow or failing because of their age.
To lessen the impact of this change, we have left all software versions (including Microsoft Office) the same as they were last year. Starting NEXT summer, we will be imaging all new computers and most existing lab computers (including Dells) with Windows 10.  If faculty or staff are interested in upgrading their existing Dell to Windows 10, they can place a request with the Help Desk at any point this year.
Please contact the Help Desk (x4357) with any additional questions or concerns.
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