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Webinar, Serving Undocumented Students, 9/1, 2:00 pm, Savitz Lounge

The Center for Global Education & Diversity is hosting a webinar, Serving Undocumented Students, on Thursday, September 1, at 2:00 pm, in the Savitz Lounge (2nd floor, Henry Student Center).  You are cordially invited to sit in on the webinar.
Webinar information:
Undocumented Students and serving them at the College/University level is one of the hottest topics in higher education.  Learn how to assist these students and understand the best way to maximize the service you offer them.  The webinar on 9/1/16 at 2:00 pm ET will address these issues not only on a national level, but also for your own state.  I strongly encourage you and your office to attend.  Full description and registration link for this webinar is below.

Key Training Points: DACA, DAPA, financial options, legislation, work options, advance parole, and effective student programming events.  

Teman Training and Consulting
904 N. Franklin St.
Delphos, Ohio 45833
TTC has trained more than 1700 institutions nationwide. 
Chad Teman
This one hour webinar focuses on what the legal aspects of admitting and supporting undocumented students are.  Chad Teman will be your presenter for this ‘Hot Topic’ in higher education.  Chad has presented on this topic for several years and continues to be a sought after expert in this field.   He will look at what the state and federal government is doing to work with these students.  We will examine some case studies on how some states are handling this issue. He will also provide advice on how to work with these students now.  We will also discuss how to offer a safe space for these students.  Our goal will be to teach you how to maximize the service you provide to these students.

A question and answer session will be included after this webinar to clear up any questions institutions would have regarding this topic.