Wilkes University


New Open House Schedule

Our Open House registration numbers have been gradually increasing during the past two years.  While we are extremely fortunate and elated with this outcome, we are beginning to encounter unavoidable room capacity issues during the academic sessions and are simply outgrowing our existing facilities.  This has created the need for us to think about ways in which we can improve our current Open House structure, while still providing the best possible experience for our prospective students and their families. 
We are graciously requesting your support with our new open house schedule implementation for September 17th and all other future Open House and VIP Day dates.  The timeline of the day will remain from 8:30am until 2:30pm; however, we will now organize four sessions, rather than the typical three, mirroring a schedule similar to March 2016’s VIP Day. 
Many presenters currently hold two sessions for their major/topics, with some graciously offering three, but we are now kindly asking all presenters to deliver their sessions at least two separate times: Academic units during the 10am and 11am sessions and non-academic topics during 12noon and 1pm sessions. The additional session allows us to continue to utilize our current rooms and comfortably cater to our growth in registration numbers and allows faculty to have a break or lunch before the Academic Fair at 1pm. If necessary due to registration numbers, we can condense to single sessions.
Please recognize our registration numbers would not be at a steady growth without the unrelenting support you provide.  I want to thank you all again for your continued support and assisting us with creating successful events! 
If you have any questions regarding new schedule, please contact Kristen Baumes at:kristen.baumes@wilkes.edu.