Wilkes University


Intramural Sports Fall 2016

Welcome back to campus everyone! Intramural sports are just a few weeks away from starting up. We will be using a new website (ImLeagues) to handle Intramural sign ups and schedules. Please click on the link below to register on ImLeagues (all Intramural participants must register): www.imleagues.com/Wilkes/Registration .  After completing the registration feel free to join a sport you’re interested in playing this fall semester. You may create a team, join a team or enter as a free agent on ImLeagues. If you’re interested in playing a sport that is not located on our ImLeagues Wilkes University page, please email Stefan.thompson@wilkes.edu  with a suggestion of adding the sport you’re interested in playing. Spread the word to your friends and let’s have a great fall semester of Intramurals sports! For any questions email Stefan.thompson@wilkes.edu  .