Wilkes University


Employee Recognition Program Set to Begin April 1, 2016

The Employee Recognition Committee, USAC and Human Resources are pleased to announce that a campus-wide Employee Recognition Program began Friday, April 1, 2016. Two types of awards are available: on-the-spot awards and quarterly awards. To review the entire program, please visit wilkes.edu/recognition.

On-the-Spot Recognition Awards

To help acknowledge and commend staff who go above the call of duty, the “Caught Being Colonel” on-the-spot recognition program aims to thank and acknowledge the effort of our Colonel employees.  Supervisors will be given a voucher to give to employees when they see someone who exemplifies the Wilkes spirit in their day-to-day work efforts. A few examples could be:
Volunteering for new projects
Developing new initiatives
Looking for new ways to improve processes
Helping students
Helping colleagues
Resolving issues
Providing support for others
Or just doing a great job
More information on this award can be found here. Supervisors should have received, or will soon be receiving, a packet via interoffice mail. If you are a supervisor and do not receive your packet by April 5, please contact Kristin Pitarra at ext. 2034 or kristin.pitarra@wilkes.edu.

Quarterly Awards
 The Quarterly Award Program is designed to recognize staff whose special contributions to University/Departmental initiatives or special projects significantly impact:
 Cost savings
Expense reduction
Student-centered improvements
Customer service
For more information on the Quarterly Award Program, or to nominate a colleague, please click here. For questions, please contact Kristin Pitarra at ext. 2034 or kristin.pitarra@wilkes.edu.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project possible! It is our hope that everyone will participate and take advantage of this great, new program.