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Last Call! Applications to be part of the Off Campus Wilkes Liaisons Program are due Friday, 9/25.

 Position Description

OWLs will maintain the following responsibilities:

Serve as a resource for Wilkes students and community residents living on their block/street.
Plan and host annual neighborhood meetings.
Disseminate resources and marketing materials to off campus students pertaining to campus activities, neighborhood events, and drug/alcohol information.
Plan and implement non-alcoholic programs and events to build community among off campus students.
Represent off-campus students on designated university committees.
Meet with WBPD annually to discuss local ordinances, party issues, and neighborhood crime.
Attend periodic meetings with Student Affairs staff.
Complete a six-hour sexual violence bystander intervention training program offered in collaboration with the Victims Resource Center.
Attend Student Government meetings as a non-voting member.
Other duties as assigned.

Position Benefits

OWLs will receive a $500 scholarship per semester.

Position Requirements

To be considered for the position, students must meet each of the following criteria.
Junior/senior status; full-time undergraduate status
Living in off-campus residence
No record of University disciplinary infractions
Applications are due on Friday, September 25th. For further information, please contact Dean Gretchen Yeninas, 2nd floor of Passan hall. gretchen.yeninas@wilkes.edu or 570-408-4107.
 Off Campus Wilkes Liaison application.