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Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge Contest!

We are currently in 5th place out of 59 schools in the 6 week challenge...a great place to be in the first week! We need about 1300 more people to sign up and log an activity for us to receive the $1500 grant! If we win the entire contest, our school will receive gear and equipment for our program--allowing more students to participate on our trips and adventures.

It's going to take a village of Colonels, Colonel friends and family and any one else willing to join our movement and move a little outside.

To sign up, go to www.oncampuschallenge.org and register using an email or Facebook.
Select Wilkes University as their school to support 
Select the appropriate role for themselves, Students, Faculty, Staff, Community member, etc.
When finished, you can begin logging activities  (with photo support) from September 6th through October 17th.
Participants can log up to 5 activities a day, including the ones you may be backlogging from previous days.
Photos must include you somehow--whether it's your face, your feet, your smile--engaging in the outdoors. Photos with multiple people in it can be uploaded by each person in the photo.

Examples of qualifying activities outdoors are: walking, jogging, gardening, birdwatching/wildlife watching, water sports/recreation, outdoor games like frisbee, kickball, horseshoes, cornhole, outdoor clinics or events outside, bike-riding, paddling, etc. Even stargazing!

We are for-sure underdogs, but we have something many schools do not: we have guts, willingness and Colonel Pride. We can win the entire contest if each of us signs up and logs a few activities each week!!!

Please join us, and then find a friend to join you!