Wilkes University


Entrepreneurship Club Professional Clothing Drive at Club Day

The Entrepreneurship Club believes that everyone should have the opportunity to have nice, professional dress. Whether it’s for an interview, an investor meeting, or a class presentation, looking sharp, clean cut, and professional is very important. With the cost of education it is often hard to afford nice professional clothes as students, which is why the Entrepreneurship Club is looking to run a Professional Clothing Drive. The clothes collected will act as a fundraiser for the club and will give students access to professional dress at a low cost. The first drive is going to take place during Club Day on September 10th. It is for both men's and women's clothes. If you miss the drive and have clothes you would like to donate, please contact Britton Heim at britton.heim@wilkes.edu . For more information on The Entrepreneurship Club, find us at Club Day and sign up for our newsletter which will announce our upcoming events and activities. Thank you and see you at Club Day!