Wilkes University


Information for Academic Advisors: PHEAA Awards and Spring Registration

The Spring Registration period is about to begin on Sunday. Because the annual budget for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that includes the annual PHEAA allocations to colleges and universities, has yet to be approved and distributed, the University has not been able to apply PHEAA grants to student accounts for the fall semester.

The question has been asked as to whether or not a financial hold will be placed on a registration account if the PHEAA grant has not yet been applied against a student’s balance. If a student's balance is equivalent to the amount of the PHEAA award, the financial hold on the registration account has been lifted. If there continues to be a hold on the registration account, it may mean that the student owes money to the University in excess of the amount of the PHEAA award, or that the student has an outstanding financial aid requirement to fulfill.

Students who have questions about their balance should visit with the Office of Financial Aid at 141 South Main Street.