Wilkes University


On Behalf of the Dean’s Office and Public Safety: Reminder of Student Parking Regulations

Dear Students,

I hope this email finds you doing well in your studies and time here at Wilkes University.  The Department of Public Safety has been very busy this year improving many aspects of our safety and security responsibilities on campus and I sincerely hope you have benefitted from these advances.   The purpose of this message, however, is to address a few recurring problems related to parking on campus. 

The first area of concern is individuals parking on campus without a current parking permit.  All faculty, staff, and students are required to register for parking and properly display a valid parking permit.  You should be aware that parking on campus without a permit or failing to pay for parking tickets will result in the removal of the vehicle from campus at the owner’s expense. 

We have also noticed a trend in the unauthorized reproduction and display of falsified parking permits.  You should be aware that this is considered a theft of university services and will be grounds for referral to the appropriate university authorities for disciplinary action - in addition to having the vehicle towed from campus at the cost to the owner.

Fraudulent registration includes but is not restricted to:

•             Purchasing a permit in another person's name;

•             Registering a vehicle which is to be used by and for a person not authorized such registration;

•             Unauthorized reproduction and display of a falsified Wilkes University parking permit.

Please understand that the Wilkes University parking function is a self-supporting service which receives no funding from the university budget or student fees. Income derived from the sale of parking permits and from the collection of monetary penalties assessed under the parking regulations is used for the administration, maintenance and improvement of parking facilities.   The Department of Public Safety will continue to work with various campus entities to address concerns and improve our parking needs.   Additional information of campus parking for on campus residents and commuters may be found on the Wilkes website.  Your cooperation with parking regulations is greatly appreciated.

Chief Christopher Jagoe
Department of Public Safety