Wilkes University


Charity Challenge

The Charity Challenge is a fun competition in which all participants compete against each other in several events such as:
- Tire Flip
- Relay/shuttle race
- Flag Tag
- An obstacle course
- Tug of War
- Punt Pass Kick
- 4 or 8 legged race
It will be held on April 12th at Ralston Field.  This year it will also be in honor of Eddie Elgonitis who was a huge supporter of Wilkes athletics. Please help honor him by participating in this event.  All proceeds will​​ go to the Make A Wish foundation and Embrace a child in Tanzania.  You can sign up by clicking on the button below and filling out the requested information.
Sign-up here!
Let's make it a friendly competition to see which Wilkes athletics team can have the highest percent of participation.  
charity challenge flyer