Wilkes University


Book Talk with Dr. Edward Bednarz

Come and share in a discussion with Wilkes’ very own author, Dr. Edward Bednarz, about his book The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life. Dr. Bednarz is a Mechanical Engineering professor with an analytical mind. However, instead of writing a technical manual, or something a little closer to his area of discipline, Dr. Bednarz instead put his brilliance to work on a fictional story.

The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life guides the reader to the conclusion that life should be a journey, not a destination. With that knowledge we can grasp that happiness often comes to us in ways we do not expect. The diverse range of characters--from the rustic, minimum-wage factory worker to the Ph.D.-possessing academic type, makes this novel relatable to people from all walks of life. The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life will challenge what you think you understand about our personal, real-life narratives and the source of contentment. 

The discussion will be held in the Salon of Kirby Hall on Wednesday, March 25th, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Kindly RSVP for the event by Fri. March 20th to BookTalk@wilkes.eduRefreshments will be served.  

Copies of the book are available in paperback, audio and ebooks. You can pick up your free book at Dr. Bednarz’ office  - SLC 145, the engineering office of Renee Chirico – SLC 141, or the Office of Sponsored Programs / Grants Management – Farley Library 007.

Dr. Bednarz can personalize your book by signing it at the event! After reading the book, participants may email questions to Dr. Bednarz before the discussion that he will gladly address during!