Wilkes University


Wireless Outage

As part of the Wireless Network Upgrade the IT department will be separating the guest wireless from the regular Wilkes wireless. In order to accomplish this there will be a brief wireless outage on Thursday, January, 22, 2015 between 12:00 PM-1:00 PM.
The Guest network will go down for roughly 5-10 minutes. After the network comes back up, you will not notice any difference in the way you log onto the Guest wireless network.  The changes that will be noticed are the following; when connected to the Guest wireless network you will not be able to access any internal resources such as networked drives. This will help improve the security of our network. After this change you will have to use the regular Wilkes wireless to log into internal resources such as network drives.  Should you have any problems reconnecting please contact the Help Desk for assistance.