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Memorial Service for Edward Elgonitis

For 33 years, Eddie's infectious spirit was an example to all of us of what it is to "BE COLONEL."

A memorial service will be held to remember Eddie on Thursday, January 29, at 11:15 AM in the Henry Student Center Ballroom.

We will have available, before and after the ceremony, a book of remembrance to which Eddie's friends and colleagues may contribute a special memory or thought. When compiled, we will present the book to Eddie's family.

While several of our colleagues and students will have a formal role in the ceremony, at the conclusion of the service, we will invite anyone else attending – who so desires - to come to the podium to share a brief reflection about Eddie.

Anyone who might have a special photograph of Eddie that we might include in a display, should send that photo to Melissa Howells (melissa.howells@wilkes.edu) at the Henry Student Center.