Wilkes University


Adult Learner Award Nominations

To Faculty:  Seeking Nominations for the Outstanding Adult Learner

On the evening of March 18th, the Luzerne County Council on Adult Higher Education will hold its 26th Annual Outstanding Adult Learning Ceremony. This year’s ceremony will be held at Luzerne County Community College. Only one Wilkes adult learner will be honored. Recipients of this award must meet the following qualifications: (1) Student will be 24 years of age or older at time of graduation. (2) Student has graduated/will graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Wilkes in January 2015, May 2015 or September 2015. (3) Student’s cumulative Wilkes GPA is 3.00 or better. (4) Student has overcome obstacle(s) in order to attain their degree. (5) Student is active in the Wilkes community and/or the community at large.

If you know a deserving adult learner who meets the aforementioned requirements, please email the student’s name along with two paragraphs explaining why the student is deserving of the award to amy.terkowski@wilkes.edubefore February 20, 2015. If your nominee is the recipient of the award, you will be invited to the dinner ceremony where you will introduce the honored student.