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Legendary Sales Selling Scarves

Legendary Sales from Wilkes University's BA152 course are selling infinity and wrap around scarves. Our infinity scarves come in either yellow with black and white, or royal blue with white and black at $13 each. Our wrap around style scarves come double sided, with "Colonels" written on one side and blue and yellow stripes on the other with the Wilkes University logo on it which is selling for $16 each. For more information or to purchase a scarf, please contact:

Zack McKitish, Kara Falzone, Conner Wylie, or Zach Brunner at:



Stop by UCOM where we have a store open for the public to stop by and purchase amazing products that all the business teams have come up with!

order information for scarf


blue infinity scarf with black and white stripe

 Infinity Scarf yellow with black and white