Wilkes University


Family Diploma Presenters for January 2016 Commencement



To:                  Members of the Faculty, Staff, and Administration

From:              Paul S. Adams
                        Vice President, Student Affairs

Date:               December 11, 2015

Re:                  Commencement

            It has become tradition at the University for the President to invite members of the staff, faculty, and administration to present the diploma to a family member during the Commencement ceremony.  Any family member of a January 2016 graduate are invited to present the diploma to their graduate.

            If you are anticipating the graduation of a family member at the January 24 Commencement and wish to participate by presenting the diploma, please notify me by January 8.  Please email Judi Wienckoski at judith.wienckoski@wilkes.edu.   I will forward the appropriate instructions prior to Commencement day.

            Thank you.