Wilkes University


Public Safety Recognizes Individuals Involved in Bedford Hall Fire

This afternoon, Chief Christopher J. Jagoe will be recognizing staff with the Department of Public Safety and Facilities for their role in the November 11, 2015 fire at Bedford Hall.  Working as a team, members of Public Safety and Facilities immediately responded to a call for smoke in the building.  Recognizing multiple potential threats and danger, they shut the gas off to the building and evacuated the building in an orderly manner.  Their quick actions mitigated a volatile and dangerous incident and prevented loss of life or injury.  Executive Director of Facilities Charles Cary will be present during this recognition of his staffs efforts and partnership in providing for the safety and security of the Wilkes campus.  Being recognized this afternoon:

Public Safety Officer Christopher Biscotto
Public Safety Officer Robert Callahan
Mr. Mike Fasulka
Mr. Robert Gayton
Mr. Mike Hardik
Mr. Ed Keefe
Mr. Joe Mangan
Mr. Jeff Parker
Mr. John Voitek
Mr. Ryan Vasello

Please join us in congratulating these fine employees for their dedication and service to the campus.