Wilkes University


Reminder: Smoking Policy Goes Into Effect Today

Please be aware that the updated Wilkes University tobacco use/smoking policy goes into effect beginning Monday, August 31, 2015.  This policy establishes a smoke-free zone of 20 feet from any university building door, window, or ventilating system. This smoke-free zone is meant to eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke for people entering and exiting our facilities.
To accommodate this policy change, our Master Planning Committee examined creating covered, designated smoking areas outdoors.  The first smoking shelter is located just north of Breiseth Hall. Other locations will be designated in the near future. Signage regarding the policy will be installed in the next two weeks. 
We are interested in changing the culture of smoking at Wilkes. Anyone wishing to participate in a smoking cessation program may contact University Health Services or the Human Resources Office for further information.

Thank you for your cooperation.