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Faculty Kudos

Dr. Vijay K. Arora

Professor Dr.  Vijay K. Arora, Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics, and designated IEEE-EDS Distinguished Lecturer was a keynote speaker at the  International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics 2015 (EECSI 2015) held at Palembang, Indonesia, August 19-21, 2015 (http://iaesonline.com/eecsi/2015/ ). This event was intended to provide technical forum and research discussion related to electrical, electronics, instrumentation, control & telecommunication engineering, computer science and informatics.  The conference opened with  his keynote paper entitled, “Quantum Nanoengineering:   Nonequilibrium High-Electric-Field Transport for Signal Propagation”  that is published in the conference proceedings and will be part of the IEEE digital library IEEEXplore. The focus of the paper was on Nonequilibrium Arora’s distribution function (NEADF),  distinct from the Monte Carlo procedures and Nonequilibrium Green’s function (NEGF), in predicting the saturation velocity and current in modern devices that is indication of failure of Ohm’s law at nanoscale dimensions.  The lecture was an outcome of  his book entitled “Nanoelectronics: Quantum Engineering of Low-Dimensional Nanoensembles,” published recently by CRC Press. Professor Arora received a rousing welcome and reception after his presentation followed by extensive photosession requested by participants.  

He was invited to give another lecture entitled Publish or Perish: Art, Craft, and Sportsmanship of Publishing in Scholarly Journals at two different occasions and two different universities.  First instance of this talk was at Universitas Sriwijaya on Thursday, August 20, 2015, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM followed by lunch and dinner reception.  The second talk on the same topic was given on Friday, August 21, 2015 at Universitas Tridinanti, 9:00 -11:00  AM followed by luncheon reception.  Both universities are located on the island of Sumetra in the second largest city Palembang.  The abstract of the presentation follows: “Publish or perish refers to the pressure to publish work constantly in order to further or sustain one's career in academia. The competition for being in a  research university (RU) puts increasing pressure on scholars to publish new work frequently. A piece of research must not only be published, but used, applied and built-upon by other researchers, worldwide. This is called 'research impact' and a measure of it is the number of times an article is cited by other articles ('citation impact').  Frequent publication is one of the few methods at a scholar's disposal to improve his or her visibility, and the attention that successful publications bring to scholars and their sponsoring institutions helps ensure steady progress through the field and continued funding. Playing the research game without forming alliances can lead to a lot of frustrations. This presentation will reveal how frustrations can be converted into a game that can not only be played but also enjoyed by forming effective teams.  Recent findings on research data from countries of the world will be presented. In this scholarly discourse, you will walk through the art and craft of taming the mind (attitudes) to train the creative brain in search of solutions to the problems and choosing reviewers and journals carefully so your ideas echo throughout the globe. The streamlining the resources (both human and facilities) in pursuit of research, as experienced by the presenter, will be discussed as questions are raised from the floor.”

 The questions on the topics presented can be directed to Professor Arora at vijay.arora@wilkes.edu.

Behavioral and Social Engineering keynote given at http://icibsos.org on  Beh&Soc-paper is downloadable by clicking the link.