Wilkes University


Wilkes U Cheer "Mustache" You To Help Them Get to Nationals – No Shave November King Competition

You can donate $5 to be a part of the competition. During the competition, competitors are not to shave. At the end of November the cheerleaders will gather pictures of the competitors (before and after shots!) to let students vote on Thursday, November 27th during club hours! The person with the most votes will be dubbed the Wilkes University No Shave November King! 

During the week of October 27th through October 31st (from 11am to 1pm), the cheerleaders will have a mustache photo booth set up, where anyone can take a picture for $1. There will also be paper mustaches that you sign and we can hang to show your support for Wilkes University Cheerleading for sale for $1. 

Any questions contact jessica.short@wilkes.edu | (570) 408-3331