Wilkes University


Dr. Edward T. Bednarz, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering, releases new book "The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life"

How do we travel through life? How are we to make decisions that lead to happiness? What is our purpose here? Maybe these questions are unanswerable. Or, maybe they have a different answer for each person.

The Journey to Discover the Meaning of Life by author Dr. Edward Bednarz will take you through the lives of several individuals and show you how these very different people discovered answers for themselves. Be prepared for a roller coaster thrill of a ride as characters encounter danger, bizarre coincidences that have no explanation, and deep loving experiences. How do we know when we’ve fallen in love? How are we to deal with incredible adversity in life? Does God help to guide us when we are lost? All of these are part of life’s great journey. Finding meaning in life is the goal of all humans on earth. Living a life that has meaning and happiness is what we all want. Find out how the people in this book discovered it for themselves and it may just give you insight to what you have been searching for in your own life.