Wilkes University


Reminder from the Wilkes Mail Center

In the interest of keeping the Wilkes Mail Center running as efficiently and safely as possible during this busy time of year, please continue to adhere to these guidelines:

Please remember to notify the Wilkes Mail Center personnel, via email, a day before you wish to send bulk mailings (anything more than a full standard mail tub, or 40 lbs. or more). This will ensure that pickups are made in the timeliest manner possible.

Also, remember that personal mail and freight will neither be picked up nor delivered on the daily campus routes. If you have personal outgoing mail or freight (Holiday cards, gifts, etc.), you may bring it to the Mail Center counter, or use the drop box, both located on the 2nd floor of the Henry Student Center.

Please refrain from using the Wilkes Mail Center address for personal freight deliveries (online shopping, etc.). Please use your home address for personal freight deliveries (Campus residents obviously excepted).

Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation.

Ethan Davis

Wilkes University Mail Center