Employee Policies Manual Policy Index
403 (B) Pension Savings Plan
Acceptable Use of Electronic and Technology Resources
Access to Human Resources (HR) Files
Attendance and Punctuality
Base Compensation Increases/lump Sum Payments Eligibility
Benefits Continuation (COBRA)
Bereavement Leave
Community Service Leave
Code of Ethics
Confidential Reporting Mechanism
Credit Union
Drug Free Workplace
Emergency Closings
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Benefits
Employee Conduct and Work Rules
Employee Medical Examinations
Employer Assisted Housing
Employment Categories
Employment Procedures and Guidelines
Employment Termination
Family and Medical Leave
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Health Insurance
Hiring of Relatives
Immigration Law Compliance
Introductory Period
Introductory Statement
Job Descriptions
Job Posting
Jury Duty
Life Insurance
Long-Term Disability
Military Leave
Nature of Employment
Non Solicitation
Nondiscrimination Statement and Grievance Procedure
Nursing Mothers In The Workplace
403 (B) Pension Savings Plan
Performance Management Process
Personal Appearance
Personal Leave
Personnel Data Changes
Progressive Discipline
Return of Property
Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure
Short-Term Disability
Sick Time (Staff)
Tuition Exchange
Vacation Benefits
Whistleblower Policy
Wilkes University, King’s College and Misericordia University Reciprocal Tuition Policy
Wilkes University Tuition Benefits
Work Schedules - Staff
Workers' Compensation Insurance