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Employee Welcome Message

Welcome new employee!

On behalf of your colleagues, you are welcomed to Wilkes University and wished every success here.

The Wilkes University family is committed to being one of the best small private universities in the nation--one that is responsive to the needs of the people it serves. At Wilkes University, we believe that the accomplishment of our mission depends on you. We believe that you will make a significant contribution to the success of this university. We hope that you were deliberate in choosing us because you believe that you can achieve personal success here as we work together to help Wilkes University meet its goals.

The Employee Policy Manual is intended to be an accessible reference for you throughout your employment at Wilkes University. Over time, policies may change as the needs of Wilkes University and its employees change, but the fundamental values that we work by will remain constant.

At Wilkes University, we value:

  • A learner-centered environment with a focused mission and vision;
  • A diverse, inclusive and interdependent University community that demonstrates
    mutual respect and support, and that fosters meaningful relationships among its
  • An environment of accountability that builds responsible citizenship though open
    communication and timely action, resulting in increased confidence and trust;
  • A change-oriented environment that openly seeks new ideas, welcomes creative
    thoughts and solutions, promotes acceptable risk-taking, and delegates decision-making
    widely across the organization; and
  • A performance-based system that sets goals, achieves outcomes, and plans for improve-
    ment to support a culture of excellence.

The Employee Policy Manual is your guide to living these values with us. Employees are expected to take the time to review and familiarize themselves with these policies. This will help provide the foundation for a successful employment environment at Wilkes University. Please consult with your supervisor or a representative from the Human Resources Development Office if you require any assistance with a policy's interpretation or application.

We believe that each employee contributes directly to Wilkes University's growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team.

We hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Again, welcome!

Revised: 02/2013