Wilkes University

Attention to Detail - Fall 2010

Alumni and friends of Wilkes are invited to submit their answers to this challenge.

To enter, peruse the images on pages 16 and 17 of the Fall 2010 issue of Wilkes magazine:
Submit your answers to correspond with the numbered photographs.

Then identify the five bonus online images. The three people with the most correct answers will win one of three collectible bobbleheads of The Colonel mascot. Remember:

Contact Information is required and you must try to identify all 15 photographs below

General information

First Name               Last Name         









Attention to Detail Hints... (good luck)



1) Gather here for a meeting and see these details by the fireside.         






2) Many people spend time here before taking off into the wild blue yonder.








3) The chimney looks down on students from around the world.









4) The entrepreneurial spirit is alive inside this hall.






5) This building used to put out the welcome mat for alumni.






6) Most Wilkes students pass this orb at least once a day.









7) You won't find beautiful atchitectural hardware like this in a Woolworth's store.




8) You can stop and smell the roses near this location.        





9) This hall has beautiful metalwork on its exterior - and a view of the Susquehanna from its porch.





10) Female students have called this hall home since the 1950's.

11) The top of the Farley Library can be seen from this window.


12) Wilkes nursing students may recognize this fancy detail.

13) The present-day Wilkes Forensics Team calls this house home.


14) Students check out the contents of this building – literally.


15) This building is home to Sidhu School faculty members Jeffrey Alves and Anthony Liuzzo.