They are your Biggest Asset. Make them More Valuable.

Take a Deep Breath.

Mention the word "tuition" and some sort of respiratory event usually follows. Knowing there is a world of financial aid and scholarships out there should help ease your concerns. For example, 94% of full-time undergrads at Wilkes receive some form of financial aid, and Wilkes routinely gives out more than $24 million a year in aid. Below are just some of the ways you can replace gasps with sighs of relief:

In addition to a variety of needs-based scholarships offered annually, Wilkes also offers four tiers of merit scholarships, outlined below. To see what scholarship your first-year student qualifies for, check out our Net Price Calculator.

  • $52,000 (over four years)
    • Wilkes University Scholars
    • 1800+ SAT or 28+ ACT or top 5% high school rank
  • $48,000 (over four years)
    • Presidential Scholarship
    • 1650-1799 SAT or 26-27 ACT or top 10% high school rank
  • $40,000 (over four years)
    • Dean's Scholarship
    • 1500-1649 SAT or 23-25 ACT or top 20% high school rank
  • $24,000 (over four years)
    • Wilkes Commitment Award
    • 1350-1499 SAT and top 50% high school rank, or 21-22 ACT and top 50% high school rank

You CAN afford to attend Wilkes. There are many options for you, but it starts with applying for financial aid. Don't worry about applying for our scholarships, though. We take care of that for you, and we work very close with families to make sure Wilkes becomes a reality. For more information regarding financial aid, scholarships, and student loans, CLICK HERE


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