They are your Biggest Asset. Make them More Valuable.

Why Wilkes

The time has come. Your child is about to go to college. It's a very stressful time in a parent's life, but it's a difficult time for children as well. Choosing a school is a long, involved process, and here we'll provide you with all the information on Wilkes University you need to help out along the way.

Don't worry if your student has a plan for the future or not. At Wilkes, we help students find a path that will suit them, one that they will be passionate about, and that will prepare them for the professional world. We do so with our highly dedicated faculty members—90 percent of whom hold a Ph.D. or their field's highest degree. Starting with orientation day, when students meet individually with their faculty advisor, our staff gets to know them on a personal level. Then we challenge them—not just to succeed in academics, but beyond the classroom in real-world experiences.

Here students aren't a number. We don't define them by a GPA or standardized test score. At Wilkes, every student has talents, passions, and goals. It's our job to help find them and show them where those abilities can take them.

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