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What's the minimum SAT score for admission?

True to the Wilkes spirit of fostering education through relationships, Wilkes University reviews student applicants as individuals, considering aptitude, past achievement and potential for success based on information provided through both standardized tests and the high school transcript. Class rank, grade point average, academic curriculum and other outstanding qualities are all evaluated in the decision process. While not required, we welcome essays or letters of recommendation that can help us gain more insight into your background and motivation. All students are welcome to visit our campus; however, you may specifically be invited to interview with us as a component of reviewing your file. We know that our students are more than just an SAT score, and we take great care throughout the admissions process to emphasize that.

When/where do I send my AP scores and/or college credits?

The College Board sends us AP scores in July. You can send us college credits anytime.
Send to: Admissions Office, Wilkes University 84 W. South St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766.

What happens if my SAT/ACT/class rank goes up?

Let your admissions counselor know. We will repackage your financial aid accordingly anytime before May 1. You should be aware that an increase in scholarship may decrease your Wilkes grant, however.

Financial Aid

I want to come to Wilkes. When and how do I pay my deposit?

Deposits are due by May 1. You can pay in person with cash or check, you can mail a check, or you can call us during normal business hours with a credit card. It is $300 and non-refundable. Checks should be made payable to Wilkes University.

What's the next step after I pay a deposit?

You will receive a letter instructing you to choose one of two orientation dates, in June or July. You will also be instructed on how to complete placement testing online prior to orientation, how to submit housing information and how to pre-register for your fall courses prior to meeting with your advisor at orientation. If you are a resident student, you will receive an email with a link to a housing and dining contract. Even if you have already paid your deposit, it is critical that you return the contract to us in a timely manner. You will also want to inform your guidance office to send us final high school transcripts at the end of your senior year.


What happens if I want to change my major?

Let your admissions counselor know. Generally, there is no issue with changing your major unless you are considering either a major in the School of Pharmacy and Nursing or the School of Science and Engineering, in which case we will need to re-review your file to ensure that you've had the proper math preparation in high school.


Can I request a specific residence hall?

In general, no. Evans and Roth Halls are predominantly freshmen, and freshmen are also placed into "blended" house dorms with freshmen through seniors. Residence Life places the greatest emphasis on finding you a compatible roommate. If you have a medical issue that requires special accommodations, you will generally be placed in Evans.

My best friend is coming here also. Can we room together?

Yes, as long as you both list each other on your housing preferences form.

Can I live off-campus or in University Towers as a freshman?

Not without permission from Student Affairs. Permission is normally granted only if you are living with another family member.


Do your coaches have mandatory study sessions?

Yes. The time varies by coach. The sessions are in keeping with our Division III philosophy that athletes are students first, and we care about their performance in the classroom as well as on the field.

Does Wilkes offer athletics scholarships?

No. Wilkes University is a member of the NCAA Division III. As such, we are committed to the Division III philosophy that student-athletes are students first, and athletic participation is a means for educational development of students' intellectual, moral, civic and physical capacities.

Student Life

Can freshmen have a car on campus?

Yes, Wilkes University freshmen are permitted to bring cars to campus.

Is there anything to do on campus on weekends?

Weekends bring a host of activities, from athletic and cultural events to bus trips – even free bowling passes!

Is housing guaranteed for four years?


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