The Last
Thing You Need
is Another Lecture, Literally.

At Wilkes University, you'll be engaged by a dedicated, passionate faculty who are genuinely interested in your personal growth and success. Students enjoy an open-door policy that results in a level of personal attention rare in the academic world. Ever heard of a professor encouraging you to switch out of the subject they're teaching because they think a different course would benefit you more? It's not unheard of at Wilkes.

Student Testimonials
"I heard the nursing program was very good. The fact that they start clinical a year earlier than most schools attracted me. Once I toured the campus, I really loved it. I felt really welcome."

Jasmine King, (Nursing)

"I liked that they had a pharmacy school, yet I was able to explore social sciences, language studies and even take some business classes such as marketing — all of which are helping to shape my future career aspirations. Many of the pharmacy schools I looked into didn't allow you to pursue a second major or explore electives outside of the pharmacy school once you were in, but Wilkes did."

Justin Balint,(Pharmacy)

Anthony Mirabile, (Electrical Engineering)

Anna Mitchell, (Spanish and International Studies)

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