You Don't Have to be
a Finance Major
to Figure out
how to Pay for College.

As thoughts of your first residence hall room, eating pizza at three in the morning, and maybe even growing your hair out start to fill your mind, they may be accompanied by a little voice in the back of your head: "How am I, or my family, going to pay for this?" Relax.

Wilkes University provides the tools and resources to make college affordable for just about everyone. For example, 96 percent of full-time undergrads at Wilkes receive some form of financial aid and Wilkes routinely gives out more than $24 million a year in aid. Plus, you'd be surprised how many private scholarships you might be eligible for. Click to see what's out there.


See How Affordable
Wilkes University really is:

In addition to a variety of needs-based scholarships offered annually, Wilkes also provides four tiers of merit scholarships:

  • $52,000 Wilkes Scholarship
    • 1800+ SAT or 28+ ACT or top 5% high school rank
  • $44,000 Presidential Scholarship
    • 1650-1799 SAT or 26-27 ACT or top 10% high school rank
  • $36,000 Dean's Scholarship
    • 1500-1649 SAT or 23-25 ACT or top 20% high school rank
  • $24,000 Commitment Award
    • 1350-1499 SAT and top 50% high school rank, or 21-22 ACT and top 50% high school rank

Here are some private scholarships many Wilkes students have qualified for:

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Learn more about financial aid here:

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Net Price Calculator:

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