You've Made the Grade, Literally.

There's No Such Thing as Having too Many Options.


First and foremost, you go to college to get an education. But you can educate yourself in many different ways, not necessarily by reading books and taking notes in lectures. That's why Wilkes prides itself on having a diverse extracurricular environment, with 70-plus clubs, student organizations and a variety of student events—plenty of things to fuel your current passions and develop new ones.

Club Day is held early each fall semester on campus. Here you can meet your peers and decide if you’d rather listen to Green Day with the Dance Team or go green with the Environmental Club. Maybe you would prefer to build a house with Habitat for Humanity or host a Friday night radio show. At Wilkes, there is always something going on outside of class. The tough part is just deciding what to do.

Here are a few questions you may ask yourself when you arrive on campus:

Do I want to join a club or intramural sports team? If so,
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Do I want to contribute to the 12,750 hours of community service Wilkes students perform annually? If so,
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Do I want to share my religious experience in a supporting environment with other people of faith? If so,
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Or do I want to approve the budgets for all of these organizations, and plan Homecoming and Winter Weekend as a member of Student Government? If so,
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And as for student athletes, don’t be surprised if the captain of your basketball team also happens to be the organizer of a community service club, or the loudest tenor in a choral group. Wilkes athletes not only play to win, they hold their own both on and off the field, in the classroom, and in life.

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