You've Made the Grade, Literally.

In College, You'll Meet Professors, Staff, Fellow Students, and Yourself.


Twelve years of schooling, piles of tests, papers, projects and countless hours prepping and studying have all led to this At this point in the process, you may be in the midst of comparing residence hall rooms, student common areas and meal plan options from one school vs. another. But let's be honest. What should you truly be gauging your decision on? Don't forget, college is your stepping stone to the real world. It's your final preparation where you gain the tools to navigate an ever-changing world.

So do you want a college where you're just a number; where you'll be pigeonholed into a broad course of study, taught in vast, impersonal lecture halls? Or do you want a university that gets to know you on a personal level, uncovers your real potential, and then challenges you to test-drive that potential beyond the classroom? One whose faculty is genuinely concerned with your success and personal growth? This is what you can expect at Wilkes University.

Here you'll be engaged by an entire community that looks beyond standardized tests and cumulative GPAs to get at the real you—your real talents, passions, and goals—and help you find out where those abilities can take you. This is the Wilkes University difference. And this is where four years can truly last a lifetime.

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