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RN-BS Alumni Nursing Survey

 RN-BS Baccalaureate Nursing Alumni Survey

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Please answer candidly. All information is confidential and only aggregate data will be disseminated.
  1. Graduation Year
  2. Date of Survey
  3. GenderMale   Female

  4. Age
  5. Marital Status   Single   Married   Separated   Divorced   Widowed

  6. Enrollment status while in the nursing program
    Full-Time   Part-Time   Full-Time/Part-Time

  7. Licensed in what state?
  8. Were you employed as a Registered Nurse?
    Yes, Full Time   Yes, Part Time   No

    Name of Employer (if applicable)?
  9. Remained employed in the same institution after graduation?   Yes   No

  10. Changed employment after graduation?   Yes   No

  11. Changed position/responsibility after graduation?
    Yes   No
    If Yes,

  12. If you are not employed in nursing, which applies to you?
    Not seeking employment   Seeking nursing employment   Seeking non-nursing employment

  13. Which of the following incentives encourage you to remain in your current job? Please check all that apply.
    Travel Distance
    Assignment Shift
    Work Schedule
    Agency Reputation
    Continuing Education Opportunities

  14. Range of current salary (optional)
    Full-Time $20,000-25,000
    Full-Time $26,000-29,000
    Full-Time $30,000-34,000
    Full-Time $35,000-39,000
    Full-Time $40,000+
    Part-Time $ per hour

  15. Master's Degree
    Do not plan to enroll   Plan to enroll   Already enrolled   Completed degree
    Enrolled in another degree program   When?   Where?   Major?

  16. Certifications in Specialty Areas

  17. Professional Memberships