Wilkes University

Surveys for Nursing Alumni

A Degree of Care.

Wilkes' Nursing Program enjoys the distinction of being one of the few programs in Pennsylvania to receive accreditation for a 10-year term by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Wilkes offers a quality, comprehensive curriculum of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs that will best prepare you for a career in nursing.

Whether you want to help babies born too soon, work with the elderly in home health, work in the emergency room, fly aid quickly to the injured, work as a professor at a university or teach health courses to students, help victims of natural disasters, serve in the military, be a lawyer or a politician, or travel around the world, no school will prepare you better than Wilkes. 

Not only will you receive close, personal attention from your faculty and advisor, but also from your peers. The nursing community at Wilkes is truly a family, and they are ready to welcome you.

Hands-on experience is exacted from our students.

While most universities provide two years of clinical practice from their nursing students, Wilkes requires three -- from your sophomore to your senior year. Our on-campus Nursing Learning Resource Center, staffed by a master's-prepared nurse or faculty member, features a simulated hospital environment, computer lab with computer-assisted instruction, and audio/visual tapes.

To gain additional clinical experience, you will be encouraged to participate in externships during a summer session. Previous nursing students have worked in home health agencies, large medical centers, community immunization clinics, and industry.

This may contribute to why 100% of Wilkes nursing graduates are placed in either graduate school or well-paying, full-time nursing positions.

When you successfully complete the Wilkes baccalaureate Nursing Program, you and your fellow graduates will be honored at the Annual Pinning Ceremony. The nursing pin symbolizes the ideals of professional nursing: caring, curing, coordinating, enlightening, and service to mankind into the future—ideals which embody our program.